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Pennsauken Diagnostic Center and Chiropractors Help Patients in Pain

Many Chiropractors refer their patients to Pennsauken Diagnostic Center because of our exceptional reputation. Our board-certified radiologists, technologists and office staff are dedicated to delivering diagnostic excellence and compassionate care. Additionally, they are familiar with PDC’s legendary, Dr. Steven P. Brownstein, the Dynamic Radiologist, who has received numerous honors and awards, some of which are in the chiropractic community.

  • Honorary Fellow American College of Chiropractic Radiology

  • Donated his Teaching Library to Palmer College

  • Contributor to Yochum and Rowe ” Textbook of Skeletal Radiology”

  • Contributor to Marchiori’s Textbook of ” Clinical Radiology”

Chiropractors detect the root cause of pain utilizing a natural approach - one that often includes a hands-on assessment and x-rays. If a patient is not improving with the current treatment prescribed or if additional information is necessitated, then the doctor may request an MRI, especially if the patient has been involved in an automobile, sports or slip-and-fall accident with injuries to the neck, shoulder, lower back, leg or knee.

An MRI scan provides Chiropractors with vital, detailed information regarding patients’ joints, bones and soft tissues. This information helps to rule out or confirm numerous health concerns, which include fractures, dislocation, degenerative disc disease, and tumors - to name a few. At Pennsauken Diagnostic Center, reports are typically generated within 24 - 48 hours, to help formulate new treatment or monitor a current program.

Our goal at Pennsauken Diagnostic Center is to reduce stress and provide a comfortable MRI experience. Fortunately, PDC’s Open MRI is the perfect answer to those who are anxious, claustrophobic, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or for a pediatric, elderly, frail, or large habitus patient.

Incorporating chiropractic diagnostic tools with PDC’s Open MRI can help patients in pain receive an accurate diagnosis, critical to creating a customized treatment program.

“Great staff and even offer rides. The MRI report description was exactly what I was looking for and it really described the level of my injury. Very thankful my Chiropractor referred me to this place.” - N.D.

To learn more or to schedule an Open MRI, please call (856) 662-7581 or visit PDC accepts most major health insurance.

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