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An MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a non-invasive procedure, utilizing magnetic fields, radio waves, and computers (not x-rays) to generate detailed images of soft tissues within the body, which are vital to making an accurate diagnosis. This advanced diagnostic option has no known side or after-effects.

Our goal at Pennsauken Diagnostic Center is to reduce stress and provide a comfortable MRI experience. Fortunately, PDC’s Open MRI is the perfect answer to those who are anxious, claustrophobic, suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, or for a pediatric, elderly, frail, or large habitus patient. 

During the Open MRI:

  • Straps may be used to maintain proper position of the head, arms, or legs.

  • A slight tapping sound may be heard, indicating the powerful magnets are working to generate images. 

  • Relax and breath normally. Some patients are so relaxed that they fall asleep.

An Open MRI is often conducted within 30 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the physician’s script. Once completed, patients are able to go home or return to work and continue with their daily activities. 

When you come to Pennsauken Diagnostic Center for an Open MRI you can expect to receive the compassionate care you deserve along with imaging excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering a stress-free, relaxed experience.

One of our board-certified, fellowship trained radiologists will quickly provide referring physicians, healthcare providers and/or attorneys access to images and a Report, generally within 24 - 48 hours.

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