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Open MRI in Camden, NJ: Pennsauken Diagnostic Center Welcomes Your Insurance

When it comes to your health, access to quality medical services is essential. Pennsauken Diagnostic Center, understands the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare. Camden NJ's go-to facility for Open MRI's and we accept Insurance. We are proud to offer advanced diagnostic services, including Open MRI, digital X-rays, and ultrasound, and we accept a variety of insurance plans to make sure you can receive the care you need. In this blog, we'll discuss the convenience of choosing Pennsauken Diagnostic Center for your Open MRI needs in Camden, New Jersey, and the insurance options we accept.

The Benefits of Open MRI:

Open MRI is a valuable medical imaging technology that provides a more comfortable and less claustrophobic experience compared to traditional closed MRI machines. It's especially beneficial for individuals who may have anxiety or discomfort in confined spaces. At Pennsauken Diagnostic Center, we offer state-of-the-art Open MRI services that prioritize your comfort and well-being.

Accepted Insurances:

We understand that health insurance plays a crucial role in determining your access to healthcare services. That's why Pennsauken Diagnostic Center is dedicated to working with a range of insurance providers to ensure you can benefit from our Open MRI, digital X-rays, and ultrasound services. Here are some of the insurances we accept:

- Aetna

- Aetna Better Health of New Jersey

- AmeriHealth

- Amerigroup

- Clover Health LLC

- Horizon BCBS New Jersey

- Horizon NJ Health

- Humana Insurance

- Medicaid New Jersey

- Medicare B New Jersey

- Meritain Health

- UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / NJ

- Wellcare Health Plans

Our commitment to working with these insurance companies is driven by our mission to provide accessible healthcare solutions to the residents of Camden, New Jersey. We want to ensure that you can receive the diagnostic services you need without worrying about excessive costs.

Why Choose Pennsauken Diagnostic Center for Open MRI?

1. **Experienced Team:** Our experienced team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest level of care and accuracy in diagnostic imaging.

2. **State-of-the-Art Equipment:** Pennsauken Diagnostic Center is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the most precise and comprehensive results for your healthcare needs.

3. **Convenient Location:** Our center's convenient location in Camden, New Jersey, makes it easily accessible to residents in the area, minimizing travel time and hassle.

4. **Insurance Coverage:** As mentioned earlier, we accept a wide range of insurance plans, making our Open MRI and other diagnostic services accessible to a broader spectrum of the community.

5. **Patient-Centered Care:** At Pennsauken Diagnostic Center, your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. We aim to make your experience as stress-free and convenient as possible.


When you're in need of Open MRI, digital X-rays, or ultrasound services in Camden, New Jersey, look no further than Pennsauken Diagnostic Center. We are committed to providing high-quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable, and we accept a variety of insurance plans to ensure that our services are within reach for as many patients as possible. Your health matters to us, and we are here to support you on your healthcare journey. Contact Pennsauken Diagnostic Center today to schedule your appointment and experience the convenience and quality of our services for yourself.


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