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MRI Preparation 

  • Personal items, such as jewelry, watches and coins should be left at home.

  • Please print, sign, and bring completed forms with you or you may complete forms online.

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

  • Bring your prescription and insurance card, photo ID, along with relevant studies/reports not done by PDC.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that does not contain metal. Do not wear eye make-up or cosmetics.

  • You may have to change into a gown.

  • Metallic objects - such as keys, credit cards, eyeglasses, prosthetic devices, dentures, removable hearing aids, etc., must be left outside the scanning room.

Note: An MRI may not be recommended for certain patients, or for those who will be present during the exam. In most cases, you will be able to have the MRI. Please call our office at 856.662.7581 if any of the following points apply:

  • Cardiac Pacemaker, Heart Valves

  • Aneurysm Clips

  • Neurostimulator

  • Eye Implants, Metal Objects in the Eye

  • Ear Implants, Hearing Aid

  • Any Metal Implants

  • Permanent Dentures

  • Penile Implants

  • Shrapnel, Existing Bullet Fragments, or BB Shots

  • Contraceptive Diaphragms/Coils

  • Surgical Staples/Wires, or Metal Plates/Rods/Pins/Screws

  • Bone/Joint Replacement

  • Any Permanent Tattoos?

  • Are you Pregnant?

  • Are you Claustrophobic?

  • Do you or have you worked with metal in any capacity - such as a Machinist, Welder, or Auto Mechanic?

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